The marketing secret weapon!
Short Form Video!


Progression Marker

Background Removal

We Teach

We have a multitude of courses to help you plan, film and edit your short form videos but if you get stuck at any point, we are here to help!

We Film

If you are struggling to film your own short form videos, we are here to help. You can film up to 50 short form videos in a single day!

We Edit

Making your videos stand out can be tricky. By using the features above, we can edit your videos to make your audience engage better.


Short Form
Video Film Day

  • Planning support
  • Up to 50 videos filmed
  • 4k video quality
  • Lights, cameras, mics and props


Full day of filming

Short Form
Video Editing

  • Background removal
  • Bold subtitles
  • Infographic & animations
  • Progression marker


Editing of 10 videos

We work with recruiters just like you!